Academic Year 2017/2018

Semester I (21st, August –  15th, December 2017)

Application for BM Equiv., DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE program: 15th- 28th, July 2017

Entrance Exam of BM Equiv. program: 31st, July – 1st, August

Admission of BM Equiv. program: 4th, August

Registration of BM Equiv., DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE programs: 7th – 18th, August

Beginning of the Semester: 21st, August 2017

Graduation Ceremony: 10th, September

Midterm Exams: 9th – 13th, October

Study Week: 27th, November – 1st, December

Final Exams: 5th – 15th, December

Graduation Recital: 17th, December

Holidays: 18th, December 2017 – 19th, January 2018


Semester II (22nd, January – 11th, May 2018)

Application for DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE program: 2nd – 12th, January

Registration of DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE programs: 8th – 19th, January

Beginning of the Semester: 22nd, January

Midterm Exams: 13th – 17th, March

Easter Break: 26th, March – 2nd, April

Graduation Recital, Diploma: 8th, April

Graduation Recital, BM: 15th, April

Final Exams: 30th, April – 11th, May

Holidays: 15th, May – 18th, August

BM Equiv. Application: 4th – 15th, June

BM Equiv. Entrance Exams: 2nd-3rd, July

BM Equiv. Admission: 16th, July