College Program


  •  Three-Year Program
  •  Majors/Minors: African Music Performance, Composition, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Orchestral Instruments, Christian Music, Jazz Performance 
  • Courses: World-Views, Music Pedagogy, Sight Singing and Aural Skills, Harmony, Counterpoint, Choir, Africa Philharmonic Orchestra, African Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Collaborative Performance, Music Appreciation,  Arranging Music, Orchestration, Choral Conducting, Music Analysis, Music History, Ethnomusicology
  • Other Requirements: Research Methodology, Weekly Recital, Graduation Recital, Community Service through Music
  • Tuition: 2,000,000 UGX per year



  • Two-Year Program
  • Major: African Music Performance, Classical/Jazz Voice, Classical/Jazz Piano, Classical/Jazz Guitar, Bass Guitar, Orchestral Instruments
  • Courses: Music and Ministry, Christian Worship, Bible Survey, Teaching Music, Theory and History, Sight Reading and Aural Skills, Choral Singing, Song Composition, Choral Arrangement, Secondary Instrument Skills, Jazz Ensemble, African Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble
  • Tuition: 1,600,000/1,400,000 UGX per year



Pre-College Program

YMA (Young Musicians Academy)/MPA (Music Program for Adults)

  •  Graded Certificate Program with individual instructions
  •  Tuition: 340,000 UGX per quarter (10 weeks/lessons)


YO AFRICA (Youth Orchestra Africa)/JYO AFRICA (Junior Youth Orchestra Africa)

  •   Saturday Program for children aged 9-19
  •   Membership Fee: 200,000 UGX per year
  •   Audition: Saturdays of July